Blizzard confirms Soldier 76 as a homosexual character

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What a way to start the year 2019 by Blizzard Entertainment

What a way to start the year from Blizzard Entertainment, (happy new year) by publishing a short story with the title “Bastet”, confirming the suspicions that fans of the game Overwatch already had, that Soldier 76 is homosexual.

The suspicions began during the publication of a previous Overwatch comic where you can see Soldier 76 nostalgically observing a picture where he appears with a man who now thanks to “Bastet” has confirmed that his name is Vincent.

However with respect to this character there are not many details but personally I would not be surprised if it is a future new “homosexual” hero of Overwatch, after all is not dead according to the conversation between Soldier 76 and Ana carried out in the history.

Now officially there are three characters belonging to the LGBTQ community (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer) which are Tracer as a lesbian, Zarya as a bisexual (let’s be honest, this did not surprise anyone during the confirmation) and now Soldier 76 as a homosexual.

Interestingly, the Overwatch community shows no signs of negativity regarding the matter and personally I have no problem with this kind of inclusion initiatives by Blizzard to get more active players (remember that more players = more money and so all happy), honoring his phrase “Heroes for all.”

However, I must also clarify that at this stage I would not be surprised if the derogatory term Gaywatch becomes considerably known in the gamer community, acquiring a new meaning, only time will tell.

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