Perfect conditions for the worst marketing of your book

Condiciones perfectas para el peor marketing de tu libro
¿Quieres saber algunas razones por la cual tu novela no puede tener éxito?

To be able to live on your writings is something that all of us writers dream of almost without exception. Unfortunately, most do not, especially those who see unexpected results from their newly published books and simply throw in the towel.

For example, I officially published on Amazon my first novel titled From the Eternal Winter, which precisely because of a marketing disaster did not even take off, being the reason why I decided to write this article so that those people about to publish Your first book learn from my mistakes.

The NO Use the potential of social networks

We started strong, the most vital thing for a writer who wants to make himself known in the world is without a doubt the maximum use of all the potential they have to offer social networks and is certainly where I failed miserably. Why do I say this?

Because from the beginning of Facebook, Twitter, among other social networks I simply ignored them, part of it was that I did not have internet access at home so it did not make any sense for me to create a profile on Facebook if in the end he would be at the mercy of dust and cobwebs.

However despite the fact that over time I managed to acquire mobile internet, my interest in social networks remained almost the same as I spent it mostly on YouTube because for me it has a lot more content to offer than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, I only watched videos of different classes such as tutorials, trailers, gameplays, parodies, among others, I used to comment and I would only push the Like button to the video that I really deserved (at least in my opinion), for therefore I had never dedicated to upload videos to YouTube. Therefore when writing my science fiction novel, design it, design the cover, correct it, translate it and everything else my novel simply did not have sales.

This is because I devoted very little time to marketing in social networks and avoiding falling into SPAM and although I had done it as it should have been from the beginning, not having many followers in my social networks simply the publication would be ignored.

It is vital to stay active in social networks even though you spend time and effort to devote to other things, do not worry that there are tools like Buffer that can help you. If you are a person who already has some influence online, do not hesitate to take advantage of it.

The NO write english

This can be counterproductive but my native language is the spanish (i’m venezuelan) and as result I have no domain in english, but nevertheless I am currently practicing constantly and that is why I dared to write this article in English, do not be surprised if you find some spelling mistake 😉

What I want to say is that by mastering the English in an advanced way the novel would reach a much larger audience and therefore I recommend learning the language or at least hiring someone who will translate the novel into other languages.

The NO having a defined marketing plan

If you are going to publish your book, at least develop a well defined marketing plan to achieve a sales index that leaves you satisfied. To get started:

  1. Publish your book as a presale.
  2. That the departure date is a strategic day like a holiday, the commemoration of a dead author or similar things.
  3. Maybe at least a little over a month the period until the publication of your book as a presale.
  4. Inform about the presale of your book in your social networks or some influence website, without falling into SPAM.
  5. Design an attractive cover (or hire someone to do it)
  6. Consider publishing your book in different formats (physical, digital or audiobook)
  7. Consider creating your own website as a meeting point for your online presence.
  8. Even after the publication of the book you must continue to promote your book (pay if necessary) through the different social networks.
  9. You must have your social networks as active as possible to attract your potential readers.

Remember that you can count on me on this journey, visit the contact page for more information and also that what separates a professional writer from an amateur is the inability to surrender.

See you in the next article…

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