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Against the prophets (01): Bloodthirsty

Against the Prophets 01 Bloodthirsty | Axel Arteaga
The story of a mercenary and his war against an entire religion

My name is Inquisitore. I’m a mercenary and my goal is to kill those responsible for the murder of my wife Jia.

I am in the Kata forest in the middle of the night, warming my body in a bonfire that I just turned on while I write this story in my log book, in this place it is only possible to hear the crackling of the wood burning. It’s the first time I write an account of my life but my wife used to do it every day, recently I just murdered other mercenaries, their corpses are now food for scavengers, where the witnesses were the celestial spirits. However, very few of my kind know that those things in the sky that are appreciated in the night are actually huge spheres of gas which its burn to millions and millions of cubits away, the rest prefer to give divine attributes and continue to drown in his stupidity. I remember that even my wife baptized those gas spheres as “Stars”, I never knew the reason.

I feel a bit strange describing an ambush since I do not usually tell details about the murders I have committed. These mercenaries suffered from the temptation to collect the reward of several sacks full of jewels in exchange for my head, but I killed them without mercy with my sword.

They emerged from their hiding places while I walked in the forest, they surrounded me quickly and one of them told me:

—The legendary Inquisitore, what are you doing walking in these woods in the middle of the night?

I did not answer him, I held my big sword which I always carry on my back without any kind of protective cover and I prepared myself for the imminent attack.

—You have nothing to say? —Said one of them but I did not answer either.

—Because of your lack of faith, they have offered a reward of ten sacks of jewelry to whoever who cut your head.

Cowards! they send others instead of them fighting their battles. When one of them ordered to attack me, almost all of them at the same time tried to cut my body with their weapons, a stupid strategy because the title that I have been awarded “Legendary Inquisitore” is because of my extreme level of agility. I managed to dodge the attacks with my sword and then I killed three of them in a single movement, then I cut the arm with which he held his weapon to the fourth member of the group, so I could get rid of that confinement.

One of them tried to attack me alone but I decapitated him. Two of them, consumed by fury tried to attack me together, one of them i cut his leg, the other I split him in half seconds later.

There were only two attackers standing but their cowardice was evident, they tried to flee but I quickly reached them, I cut off their leg and shortly before falling to the ground I decapitated him, the other coward I went through his back with my sword.

Something I really do not tolerate is a coward. I returned to where the other corpses were and there were still two of them alive, is those two who only i cut one of their limbs to stop them out. But their suffering was very evident, I proceeded to decapitate them.

Luckily shortly after, I found his camp which remained hidden from the naked eye of any walker on the main path of the forest, they had some provisions that I took because for their stupidity now they will not need it wherever their souls are at this moment. Over the flames of the fire is cooking a rodent that the mercenaries had probably hunted shortly before sunset, this time I will not sleep hungry.

I remember that my wife used to open the bodies of those selef that i murdered in order to discover the functioning of our bodies. According to her, the food is processed by a “sack partially filled with acid”, the truth I do not remember the exact term with which she baptized that thing. The only thing I know is that the sound it generates has tormented me over the past few days and even now, but it will soon be temporarily calmed down.

Although not everything in their provisions was something to my liking, there were two legs selef, you could see that they were torn, not cut, like most of my species, the mercenaries I murdered practiced cannibalism, I’m glad I killed those beasts. But everything is the fault of the Vaticinator, although there were already tribes that practiced cannibalism and sacrifice to non-existent gods, since this tribe of priests began generations ago to promote the cult of the new false gods, my species has become much more wild.

I only murdered for jewels but my wife felt a huge attraction for knowledge, she liked to study everything around her, others used to call her a witch but I preferred to say “lover of wisdom” since I met her. because of that reputation, a Her parents were murdered on the day for the accusation of having sired a witch, I saved her from the same fate and since then we had remained together until “that” day.

We were both fugitives, eventually we took refuge in a village of collectors of swimming creatures that had not yet been corrupted by the Vaticinator religion, in fact many inhabitants of that place also shared that fascination for wisdom and over time I stopped satisfying my thirst for blood to fuel my thirst for knowledge which increased as I stayed by Jia’s side.

His dream was that the entire species cease to praise non-existent gods, eradicate savagery and forge a single tribe where the mutual interest is to seek knowledge and use it for the good of the entire Selef race.

Because of my nature I preferred hunting more than the collection of swimming creatures, so one day I left the tribe to try to hunt a rodent for food and when I returned with a huge specimen several days later, the entire village had been razed. I looked for my wife in the rubble of our shelter and found her covered in her own blood, someone had cut her throat as well as the rest of the villagers.

I cried out in pain until I was out of breath, I stayed next to his body for a few moments, in the vicinity there was a cave, where I took his corpse covered in several layers of fabrics and then permanently sealed the entrance with a volatile powder, its inventor who also I lived in the village I used to constantly tell both my wife and me that its powder was the future of mineral collection.

After leaving the remains of the village, I looked for those responsible for the death of Jia, had discovered that it was a campaign of conquest by the Carnifices influenced by the Vaticinator priests of that tribe, So I infiltrated his huge village and I managed to assassinate that priest. Since then I have been in movement since the priests of all the existing selef tribes have ordered my death. I will eat and rest as much as I can during this night because my work is not over, that priest I murdered just followed orders, the real culprits of Jia’s death are still alive. Thus spoke Inquisitore, mercenary fugitive from the Carnifices tribe.

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