Stephen King: IT chapter two is coming

Axel Arteaga | It chapter two is coming
The It (that) movie will be released in 2019 as planned

The movie It, which as many of us know is the second adaptation of the well-known novel by renowned author Stephen King (the first was in 1990 through a miniseries), achieved a phenomenal success at the box office during September 2017, receiving positive reviews, praise to the direction, performance and fidelity to the novel, which practically guaranteed its second delivery since weeks after its premiere, the news emerged that the second chapter already had a release date: September 6, 2019. Although of course, this second delivery was already planned by the producers New Line Cinema, KatzSmith Productions, Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment (something that is observed in the end of the film).

His synopsis

27 years after the summer 1989 events, Loser Club members grow and move, until a devastating telephone call forces them to return to Derry, Maine. When their old nemesis changes shape, they return fulfilling the promise they made in childhood to reunite and destroy the creature once and for all, without realizing that it has become stronger than ever and has awaited its arrival, waiting to collect revenge on them.

Everything is going according to the plan

On December 4 of this year, Stephen King posted on his official twitter account (you can check it here).

IT CHAPTER 2 is coming.

The message is clear, indicates that until now everything is going according to the established and that by September of next year we will be able to see the anxious sequel and thus complete the duology. By the way, Bill SkarsgĂ„rd repeats his role as Pennywise, the guilty of the “clownphobia” in millions of people.

I have nothing left to say but: Stephen King, my respects and my admiration. Thanks for your novels…

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