I wish you a prosperous year 2019 to all of you

I wish you a Happy New Year 2019
Hi, I'm Axel Arteaga and this is a message for my readers

Today, December 31, 2018. Another year of our lives comes to an end, one full of joy and sadness, one where personally I have learned of the bad moments but in which I never gave up despite the adversities and thanks to the unconditional support of my family, one of them is no longer in this world.

As for my personal projects I definitely had my successes and failures, thanks to this in this year I will work to the maximum for the publication of my novels that are still pending (I know, I’m terrible managing my time, I’ll work on that).

However I can reveal that I also work on the publication of my first Manga or Japanese comic (technically in my case it would be an amerimanga) at the moment it has the codename “Slayer”, I still can not reveal many details (partly because the history is still in development and therefore susceptible to changes).

I had planned to be more active on YouTube but decided to focus on Twitter and especially Instagram, in the case of Facebook does not seem to get very active over there. Of course I will try to publish more often in my blog and of course some short stories in the “Narrative” section.

I will also be perfecting my drawing techniques, partly through the manga and also because I intend to publish fanart and illustrations set in my fictional multiverse, follow me on my social networks to not miss anything.

In conclusion, this year I will definitely be very busy in what I love and I hope that the result will be to your liking.

Happy New Year 2019, do not do stupid things, fulfill your goals, stay with your family as long as possible and above all things.

Be happy, because no matter what adversities you have, none lasts forever.

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My name is Axel Arteaga. I am a informatic, article editor, web designer and passionate about technology, as a pastime I'm science fiction writer, draftsman, content creator, fan of video games and rock music. Creator of a fictional multiverse that works as a stage where each and every one of my stories unfolds.

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