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Important Announcements | Axel Arteaga
Some important announcements regarding the development of my projects and personal life.

After the marketing disaster and as a result a sales disaster for my self-published novel on the amazon kindle platform, anyone enters a state of depression but where some see failure, I see an opportunity.

Because there are no professional writers: they are only novices who never knew surrender.

That is the reason why I will not give up and continue to publish novels, because that is what I like and nobody and nothing will change that.

That is why I announce that I will publish the second edition of my first novel entitled “From the eternal winter” to correct plot, spelling and other errors. I will also publish the physical version of the novel (thanks to createspace) which will be on sale in mid-November of this year.

I will also publish the sequel entitled “Towards the eternal winter” on December 31, 2018 both in kindle format and in physical format (days later) concluding the story arc “Eternal Winter” and starting other arcs.

I will also announce the creation of my profile in Goodreads so you can see my list of books read, by reading and favorite authors, as well as the books I am reading and other literary things.

Link here.

Finally I will publish a video on the Youtube platform entitled “Novels recommended to read in November 2018” in the coming days, so you can go there, subscribe and activate the bell (you know, the typical).

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