Goblin Slayer: An anime series recognized worldwide

Goblin Slayer is the most popular anime in this season
Goblin Slayer: An anime that quickly became one of the most popular worldwide.

Goblin Slayer is originally a series of light novels written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki. Shortly after, it had been adapted to two manga written by KĊsuke Kurose and Masahiro Ikeno being published in the monthly magazine Big Gangan belonging to Square Enix, and a prequel Kento Eida is published in Young Gangan (obviously in Japan), due to the enormous popularity, earlier this year had been announced the official adaptation to the anime, since October 6 has been broadcast but what is it that Does this series so popular in the world?

His synopsis

A young priestess enters her first team of adventurers, but what seemed to be a new episode in her life, turns into a terrible tragedy. His companions are massacred by the goblins they underestimated, and as he flee desperately from the cruel fate that awaits him, an unforeseen hero comes to his rescue. A man obsessed with the extermination of the goblins, the Goblin Slayer. After rescuing her, they begin their trips together and the exploits of this man leave no doubt of his incredible ability. However, in a world that does not forgive mistakes, there is no way to know what will come next …

The favorite anime in North America and Latin America

As you can see, Goblin Slayer is based on a medieval setting, where the characters work as mercenaries in a world where at any time several types of threats can appear, such as dragons or human-eating monsters, which ends up turning it into a series of mature theme.

All this resembles a standard RPG videogame, where each player (or in this case character) has a specific role within the team, if you are a fan of these games or the medieval setting I guarantee that it will be worth watching the anime (In my case I would prefer another kind of setting but everyone with their tastes and interests)

Another thing that I must clarify is its highly violent content (which precisely motivated me to watch the series), part of it is because the series was produced by White Fox, a studio that previously worked on series also recognized for its content gore as for example Akame Ga Kill !.

The series so far the script gets boring on certain occasions (except from chapter 7), however it turns out to be something very entertaining to watch and relax a good time. On the official website of Crunchyroll, a streaming platform dedicated to anime (I just know it as the Netflix for anime), you can observe the level of audience worldwide.

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