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From the Eternal Winter

from the eternal winter books english
This is my first novel of science fiction
Original title: From the Eternal Winter
Author: Axel Arteaga
Genre: Science fiction and suspense
Publication date: 21-Sep-2018
Format: kindle

An incident occurred in the tourist Sphaeram town causing the death of the entire population in less than a single night. Ten years later, a military base has been built nearby, which works in the shadows with technology beyond our comprehension until «something» burst into the base causing serious damage and the massive leakage of confidential information, now a team Special forces must stop all this madness as soon as possible but soon discover that there are much more amazing secrets and at the same time dangerous for all mankind.

After several years trying to make sense of crazy ideas about parallel universes and other fantastic stories. I decided to forge an amazing narrative universe, therefore I have dedicated part of my free time to writing ideas about warriors, aliens, mutants, spaceships and many things without meaning.

This is how From the Eternal Winter emerged, my first official novel, written as a prologue to all the subsequent stories that I will continue publishing indefinitely.

This would be the first of two books belonging to the storyline Eternal Winter where we will enter a planet parallel to the earth called Gea, where there are only 18 countries but nevertheless the human predisposition towards violence is still the What they have not discovered yet is where does this self-destructive tendency come from?

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