Some of the best books of the Halo saga

Some of the best halo books (Anniversary No. 17 of Halo)

I remember when I played Halo: Combat Evolved for the first time, in fact it is one of the most played games during my childhood, along with other greats such as Starcraft or Half Life, and when something you love you remember for a lifetime and you become a unconditional fan of the saga regardless […]

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The Marvel comic editor Stan Lee Has Died

Stan Lee, the iconic Marvel comic editor, has died

Marvel is in mourning, on November 12 this year has died Stanley Martin Lieber, better known by his pseudonym Stan Lee, the scriptwriter and editor of American comics that undoubtedly catapulted Marvel to achieve the prestige and fame he currently possesses. He was a writer and editor of comics, as well as a producer and […]

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Spectral: A Netflix Movie

Do you have Netflix? In that case I recommend you see Spectral

When a supernatural force attacks a city devastated by war, an engineer and a team of special forces prepare to stop the terrible threat. This is the premise that draws our attention Netflix movie titled Spectral. Which in my opinion is a wonder, why? Spectral is a science fiction and action film directed by Nic […]

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Important Announcements | Axel Arteaga

I have profile in goodreads and other announcements

After the marketing disaster and as a result a sales disaster for my self-published novel on the amazon kindle platform, anyone enters a state of depression but where some see failure, I see an opportunity. Because there are no professional writers: they are only novices who never knew surrender. That is the reason why I […]

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Condiciones perfectas para el peor marketing de tu libro

Perfect conditions for the worst marketing of your book

To be able to live on your writings is something that all of us writers dream of almost without exception. Unfortunately, most do not, especially those who see unexpected results from their newly published books and simply throw in the towel. For example, I officially published on Amazon my first novel titled From the Eternal […]

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