New trailers of Psycho Pass Sinners of the System Trilogy | Axel Arteaga

Posted two trailer announcements of the new Psycho Pass SS trilogy

Through the official website of the Psycho Pass anime series, two trailer advertisements of the first two films of the Psycho-Pass Sinners of the System trilogy have been published. Psycho Pass is a detective anime series set in a future dystopian japan which currently has two seasons and several adaptations such as film, manga, videogames […]

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Soldier 76 is gay |

Blizzard confirms Soldier 76 as a homosexual character

What a way to start the year from Blizzard Entertainment, (happy new year) by publishing a short story with the title “Bastet”, confirming the suspicions that fans of the game Overwatch already had, that Soldier 76 is homosexual. The suspicions began during the publication of a previous Overwatch comic where you can see Soldier 76 […]

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I wish you a Happy New Year 2019

I wish you a prosperous year 2019 to all of you

Today, December 31, 2018. Another year of our lives comes to an end, one full of joy and sadness, one where personally I have learned of the bad moments but in which I never gave up despite the adversities and thanks to the unconditional support of my family, one of them is no longer in […]

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Axel Arteaga | Happy Otaku Day

Congratulations on World Otaku Day

This is very curious, since when do otaku have a festive day? Although it is necessary to clarify that it is not a day officially recognized by UNESCO or any other similar institution, it is simply the day in which this practice is claimed that every day gains more followers. In addition, despite being something […]

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Axel Arteaga | God of War is Game_of_the_Year 2018

God of War is the Game of the Year in The Game Awards 2018

Has completed one of the most anticipated events by the Gamer community, nothing more and nothing less than The Game Awards 2018, which is basically the Oscars but with videogames, so obviously I could not afford to miss this special event related to one of my favorite pastimes. The exclusive videogame of the Playstation 4 […]

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Axel Arteaga | It chapter two is coming

Stephen King: IT chapter two is coming

The movie It, which as many of us know is the second adaptation of the well-known novel by renowned author Stephen King (the first was in 1990 through a miniseries), achieved a phenomenal success at the box office during September 2017, receiving positive reviews, praise to the direction, performance and fidelity to the novel, which […]

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Goblin Slayer is the most popular anime in this season

Goblin Slayer: An anime series recognized worldwide

Goblin Slayer is originally a series of light novels written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki. Shortly after, it had been adapted to two manga written by KĊsuke Kurose and Masahiro Ikeno being published in the monthly magazine Big Gangan belonging to Square Enix, and a prequel Kento Eida is published in Young […]

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