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My first shonen manga in development

At the moment I am working on the publication of my juvenile manga entitled "Kernbringer", a story about a young mercenary named Abelard and his journey to free himself from a demonic creature that inhabits his body. All this in a retro-futuristic world called Rebelion, governed by constant progress but in its foundations there is only decay and barbarism.


Welcome to my website

Hello, my name is Axel Arteaga

I am an freelance and professional illustrator, writer and screenwriter. Fan of novels, comics, anime, video games and rock music. Now you are on my official website where I dedicate myself to share information regarding the projects I am working on, I promote my works (and sometimes others), I publish some advice or tutorial related to the narrative or illustration, I do non destructive criticism of works of my interest and I occasionally share personal anecdotes and some news about works of my interest.

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I am currently working on

From the Eternal Winter (definitive edition)

From the Eternal Winter (definitive edition)

The reboot of mi first novel

Due mainly to the large number of inconsistencies that have arisen due to the current canon in my projects (among other factors), I decided to completely rewrite the novel and publish it in the most appropriate way. It will have more focus on suspense and science fiction while its ambience will be mainly on a military-scientific basis on the moon days after an attack.

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